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Welcome to the English Website of the Telecommunications Technology Association.

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The Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) is a statutory

organization established in 1988 to support the establishment and

dissemination of ICT standards as well as to provide testing & certification

service for related ICT technologies. More than 15,000 standards have

been established and disseminated to contribute to the development

of Korea's ICT industry. In addition, TTA is actively participating in the

activities of the international standardization organizations such as the

International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and expanding our activities

into the International Organization for Standardization/International

Electrotechnical Commission Joint Technical Committee 1(ISO/IEC JCT1).

In particular, with an aim to preemptively respond to market-oriented

international standardization trends through recent corporate-led forums

and consortia, TTA positioned itself to be the founding member of

the partnership projects such as 3GPP and oneM2M, jointly established

with other world leading standardization organizations, to strengthen

de-facto standardization activities. And at the same time, domestic

mirror fora within TTA was set up to engage in active cooperation in other areas.

Furthermore, TTA provides ICT standards and technology consulting services on various standard trends and recent

technology information to small and medium-sized companies that have difficulty with direct participation in the

standardization process. This allows TTA to provide full support to these companies to represent Korean industry's

interests in the international standardization and to build global competitiveness.

In order to proactively respond to the rapidly changing ICT environment, TTA has established international-level

testing and certification technology specification by cooperating with over 30 internationally accredited test laboratories

(oneM2M, ITU-T, AirFuel, WPC, ATSC, etc.), to provide world-class testing and certification services. In addition,

TTA has contributed to the competitiveness enhancement and industry promotion for small and medium enterprises

(SMEs) through the provision of testing and certification service of Good Software (GS) Certification, which is a

consulting and quality assurance certification service for internationalization and localization of exporting software.

TTA will continuously expand the infrastructure for internationally accredited testing in the areas of AirFuel and

WPC for wireless power transmission sector, FIDO for next-generation biometric authentication sector, EMVCo for

mobile payment sector, and TPC for information system performance tests evaluation sector. TTA is committed to

increase the technological capability and to advance into the global market of Korean companies through provision

of world-class testing and certification services.

TTA will actively adapt to changes in the new era represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and provide

standardization and test certification services that are required by the industry, thereby making a greater contribution

to the promotion of Korea's ICT industry and improvement of our national competitiveness.