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Standard Number TTAK.KO-12.0359-Part3
Title Framework for Identity Managementusing Decentralized Identity Part 3: Security and Privacy Requirement
Summary This standard proposes an identity management framework using decentralized identity and includes: • Part 1: Framework Architecture and Model describes the framework architecture and implementation model for identity management and the types of decentralized identifiers and credentials. • Part 2: Identity Proofing and Interoperability Method describes the characteristics and methods of decentralized identity-based identity authentication, and interoperability methods and requirements for a domestic identity management environment. • Part 3: Security and Privacy Requirements describe the requirements for decentralized identity environment in terms of security and privacy. This standard includes common things and various implementation types from various decentralized identity services. This standard complies with domestic law. This standard pursues technology neutrality, unlike global standards define data formats and technology details which occur implementation dependencies. Data formats and technology details are out of scope of this standard. This standard uses terminologies commonly used in the decentralized identity space to prevent confusion.
Issued date 2020-12-10
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