Technical Assembly
Coordination Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Project Coordination Group
  • ICT Terms Standardization Committee
  • 8 Technical Committees(TC)
    • 55 Project Groups(PG)
  • Wired
    • Optical Transport, Smart Home, Network Facility, Ethernet, Network/Quality of Service, Wired Network Application, Quantum Communication
  • ICT Convergence
    • Geospatial Information, Intelligent Robot, Intelligent Device, Intelligent Semiconductor, Smart Health, Public Information Service, Smart Energy/Environment , Visible Light Convergence Communication, Smart Agriculture/Livestock/Fishery, Intelligent CCTV, Drone System
  • Information Security
    • Information Security Infrastructure, Personal Information Protection/ID management and Blockchain Security, Cybersecurity, Application Security and Evaluation/Certification, Biometrics
  • Software/Digital Content(TC6)
    • Embedded Software, Open Source Software, Software Quality Evaluation, Web, Metadata, Smart Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship, Electronic Document Representation/Accessibility, CPS(Cyber-Physical Systems), Metaverse Content
  • Broadcasting
    • Mobile Broadcasting, Terrestrial Broadcasting, Cable Broadcasting, Common Broadcasting Technology, Satellite Broadcasting
  • Radio/Wireless Communication(TC9)
    • Radio Resources, Public Protection and Disaster Relief(PPDR) Communication, Special Communications, LBS(Location Based Service) System, ITS(Intelligent Transport Systems)/ Vehicle/Railway ICT, Wireless LAN/PAN/BAN/MAN, Smart Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission
  • Intelligent information(TC10)
    • IoT/Smart City Platform, IoT Networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI(Artificial Intelligence) -Based Technology, Blockchain-Based Technology
  • Mobile Communication(TC11)
    • CJK/ITU-R IMT Standardization, Mobile Communication Radio Access, Mobile Communication Network, 5G Vertical Service Framework, Mobile Communication Service
강조As of August 2023, total 84 committees