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China, Japan, and Korea Set to Build Cooperation for 5G Automotive Connectivity Standardization
The 53rd CJK IMT Working Group Meeting on Information and Telecommunication Standards was held for two days from September 5 to 6 at the Ramada Plaza, Jeju. CJK IMT was organized with more than 20 industries to discuss 5G global standardization, led by leading ICT standards institutions of the three nations [TTA (Korea), CCSA (China), and ARIB/TTC (Japan)].
This time, upon TTA’s proposal, the participants shared information on each nation’s status of technologies and frequency band in use for 5G automotive connectivity and began discussions on the development of a China-Japan-Korea joint technical report. 5G-based automotive connectivity technologies are expected to be the first 5G convergence services for general users to meet and experience, and competition on standardization and technology development is getting fiercer among nations and companies around the world to take the global lead in the sector.
The three nations are set to lead the evaluation of 5G candidate technologies in the future, as well as 5G international standards adoption by sharing information on the IMT-2020 (5G) candidate technologies proposal to submit to ITU-R, discussing the status of simulator development to evaluate 5G candidate technologies and mutually verifying these technologies. CJK IMT is expected to be a chance to expand the joint efforts for 5G among the three nations and strengthen their influence on the global stage to take the lead in the market and standardization for 5G-based autonomous driving in the future.