Korea OTIC’s Role

  • O-RAN Conformance, IOT and E2E Testbed phased construction(’23 ~ ’27)
  • Provision of pre-validation tests and consulting for O-RAN Certificate & Badge
  • Conducting O-RAN Certificate & Badge tests and issuing certificates
  • Providing PlugFest and demo environments to enhance the maturity of O-RAN products
  • Supporting demo of O-RAN products linked with ORIA, and community events(workshops, etc.)

Test Scope

  • Certification of Conformance
  • Interoperability Badge
  • E2E System Integration Badge

Korea OTIC Composition

Korea OTIC Composition - Host, Partner 순으로 정보제공
Host Partner

Test Equipment

  • O-RU Conformance Test: Spectrum Analyzer/Generator, O-DU Emulator
  • O-DU Conformance Test : O-RU Emulator, O-CU Emulator, Core Emulator
  • RIC Conformance Test : E2 Node Emulator
  • Interoperability Test: UE Emulator, O-RU Emulator, O-CU Emulator, Core Emulator
  • End-to-End Test(Lab): UE Emulator, Core Emulator

Contact for Testing Lab

  • TTA(Seongnam Lab) : o-ran@tta.or.kr
  • ETRI(Daejeon Lab) : k-otic@etri.re.kr
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